Supervision Systems (SCADA)

RGM Impianti offers totally innovative and original equipment, tailored-made to meet in the best way the needs: in addition to electrical substations, to motor control centers, automation and distribution switchboards, to field equipments installations, the catalogue also includes supervision systems (SCADA) for a real-time supervision of all the production phases.


Supervision systems (SCADA) include a telecommunications structure dislocated on the entire plant, which devices transmit real-time data and informations: this allows operators to perform a full systems and products check-up , as well as the electricity delivery, and so prompt and timely detect any irregularities or malfunctioning.

RGM Impianti designs industrial solutions at the highest standard, developed after careful analysis of the structure characteristics: this applies, in particular, for those production areas considered “at risk” because of the high danger of treated or raw materials contamination possibility, (food, dairy or livestock, the steel industry, the distribution, processing and extraction of energy , oil and gas, and also the air and water processes (refrigeration systems, purification, etc.), infrastructure and construction, automotive, chemical and mechanical.

Supervision systems (SCADA), therefore, can be applied in numerous fields: aqueducts, oil and gas pipelines, power plants, as well as to monitor correct operation of the industrial electrical installations, so as to highlight, in real time, any leakage or irregularity in the supply of energy.
Supervision systems (SCADA), developed and installed by RGM Impianti engineering staff, use permanent and computerized communication lines, allowing the supervision of “remote” of all equipments and systems: data processing is done through panels , software and other next-generation equipments.
RGM Impianti technical department is ready to identify the most functional strategies to solve every problem: after the first phase ,that is analyse the structure and the customer’s needs, the goals are met through the design of products, tailor-made systems and devices, aimed to respond and meet specific security requirements .