Distribution Switchboards

RGM Impianti designs, makes and installs power LV / MV switchboards in Cremona and Province, intended for a number of industries: food, livestock, steel, oil & gas, infrastructure and construction, water & air treatment, and other yet. Thanks to its proven experience in these fields, the team is able to develop unique and innovative industry solutions, improving well performance of each establishment: modern and efficient equipments, new generation plants and other instruments for managing all the processing steps, for controlling and automating , complete with every element and cared for smallest details, even in design.


LV / MV power switchboards proposed by RGM Impianti allow you to adjust the supply of electricity and the current transformation, providing stability to the whole plant: products developed, in fact, are compliant with safety rules , and guarantee a significant reduction in waste and consumption.
RGM Impianti is able to design the right solution for every need, evaluated from time to time, and basing on specific requests from the client, to provide the most suitable interventions: versatility and professionalism of this brand are now recognized at a National and International level as well as the unique expertise of engineers and technicians, who belong to the staff; they are also available for advice and assistance .

RGM Impianti produces LV / MV power switchboards up to 5000 A, with KA 100 breaking capacity : innovative and cutting-edge equipments, simple in their use and management, that allow you to optimize resources and to limit risks in the production. LV/MT power and distribution switchboards , thanks to their versatility, can be connected to production facilities, lighting, ventilation, refrigeration and others: the technical department, once learned the customer’s needs, it is ready to suggest the most appropriate way to solve any problem with the utmost punctuality.
RGM Impianti is a reliable and secure reality, as its products, considered a real excellence in industrial fields : not selling and installing pre-existing equipments, but working alongside the customer, to develop new custom-made devices, to be inserted inside the plant.
Thanks to the attention to every detail, RGM Impianti is able to satisfy any request, ensuring full support during all production phases: the company portfolio is varied, and includes, in addition to these products, even supervision systems (SCADA) automation switchboards, power centers , field equipments installation, electrical substations and other industrial equipment at the highest level.