Motor Control Boards

RGM Impianti developes and manufactures Motor Control Boards. These have a modular form, with individual fixed or removable drawers, which contain components for the control of one or more systems: these instruments are designed to optimally respond to the client’s needs in such a way that the structure can reach its objectives and / or quality standards. Industrial and productive sectors that can most benefit from RGM Impianti products are: food, livestock, steel, infrastructure and construction, oil & gas, water & air treatment, automotive, and others.


RGM Impianti has created a line of completely innovative Motor Control Boards, also integrating panels for the control and the schedule: in this way, it is possible to manage all production stages, handling and processing of materials, transport and control of finished objects , all it is clearly easier. Moreover, motor control boards allow to modulate the delivery and transformation of the electrical energy, in such a way as to minimize the possibility of failures, accidents and waste of any kind: everything is greatly reflected on the quality of the products and on the plant performance.

RGM Impianti offers perfect solutions in every detail, developed on the basis of special requests from the client company: technical department is ready to solve any problem, from time to time considering the most effective interventions to be performed. Customer needs are always our top priority, and this is why RGM Impianti staff competence and professionalism is known and recognized not only in the area of Cremona and Province, but even all over the Italian territory.