Automation switchboards

RGM Impianti offers customized industrial solutions for all sectors that require automation in order to achieve good production standards : from steel and automotive industry, to rubber processing , to handling of objects up to the air and water treatment, gas and Energy distribution. Thanks to a constant search for innovative and functional strategies, RGM Impianti has developed modern and effective automation switchboards , with panels controlling and programming, making more efficient several operations within the plant, while also improving the yield and the quality standards.


The automation allows to obtain products perfectly corresponding to the initial prototype, which is indispensable for the building, infrastructure and construction: pipes, beams, laminates, cables, metal structures or other materials, both large that miniature, which find application in a large number of sectors.

RGM Impianti Automation Switchboards , make safe and reliable all stages of processing, and fit within a broader project, which touches in the whole settlement: technicians and engineers, belonging to the staff company, deal, in fact, the modernization and revamping of the installations, identify the components to be replaced or treated, in order to achieve greater efficiency and speed in the rhythms, optimizing costs and resources.

Industrial automation and control panels simplify operations, as well as allowing rapid scheduling of the characteristics of individual products: everything increases and perfects the performance of the plant, placing it in a condition of extreme competitiveness in a regional, Italian and International level. In addition, such equipments, through the use of special software and control systems, enable real-time supervision of all the production phases: this means that any abnormality is immediately detected, so that the managers can promptly see a problem resolution.