Field equipment installations

RGM Impianti designs and manufactures electrical , instrumental and processing automation lines used in food, dairy, petrochemical, steel , treatment and purification of water industry. The brand, which has been active for many years in this area, from October of 2016 is part of the company named GIEI Industrial Solutions, under which gather various companies focused in designing and supplying of industrial solutions and services.


RGM Impianti is the ideal partner for every kind of company that uses advanced equipment, since it employ only qualified and certified technicians working with technologically innovative tools that meet customer needs. Engineers, in particular, are specialized in projecting plants in areas where there is a large risk of explosion, such as gas and powder processing metallurgy, or chemistry fields. These kinds of plants, since they have an high in danger coefficient, are subject to strict regulations by European Union and must necessarily enjoy the ATEX certification. The brand itself is the only referent for this kind of services and is able to cater every stage of production: from installation of electrical substations to LV / MV power wiring to distribution boards, up to revamping of electrical plants , also with maintenance and calibration.

RGM Impianti is specialized in the production of electrical cabling and field instruments cabling for food, dairy, petrochemical, steel, water treatment and purification industry . In each of these fields specific safety standards are provided – prescribed by law – to which industrial electric installations and equipment used for manufacturing operations must necessarily conform. RGM Impianti is a particularly renowned reality as its technical team in charge of studying each case with great professionalism, is at the service of all clients, in order to develop and offer customized industrial solutions based on the needs expressed by the client.