Substations MV/LV and Power Centers

RGM Impianti offers substations MV/LV not only addressed to plants and industrial factories in the area of Cremona and Province but in Italy: such equipments, developed by the technical and engineering department, are efficiently able to produce electricity to feed the whole structure, by modulating the supply depending on the specific requirements of each element.
RGM Impianti electrical substations transform the voltage of the MV power lines in BT values, making possible all stages of the process: through such tools, it is possible to program and set the energy sorting, ensuring adequate supply to all areas of the plant and to any equipment.


Proper energy modulation is important for maintaining good rates of production, and this is especially true for those areas where the risk of deterioration or contamination of goods is very high, such as food, where possible interruption of services can cause huge losses. Similar arrangements are needed in the zootechnical field, in which the animal’s well-being depends on disbursement of food and a correct ventilation of rooms, and in the dairy, agriculture, pharmaceutical, steel, chimica industry , and so on.

RGM Impianti however, is not limited to offering products ready for use, but provides full support to the company client, providing a useful advisory specialized service : qualified engineers, in fact are ready to examine the conditions of the whole plant, highlighting the dysfunctional or malfunctioning components and proposing effective interventions to modernize the structure.

RGM Impianti is able to run the revamping of industrial electrical systems, subjecting them to special processes, to conform to modern technology and safety standards: the goal is to optimize costs and reduce waste, thanks to a proper distribution of energy resources.