RGM Impianti offers a wide range of products used in industry and in various manufacturing sectors: food, livestock, steel, infrastructure and construction, oil & gas, water & air treatment, automotive, mechanical and others.

Inside the company there is a huge tecnical department which consists of experienced and qualified engineers; Rgm Impianti Technical Team designs and realizes industrial electrical solutions, complete with every element for the control, telecommunications and supervision, including automated and computerized steps. All the supplies are customized , in order to respond to the needs of each individual plant, with specific and cutting edge features.

Substations MV/LV and Power Centers

Substations for the distribution, the modulation and the transformation of the electric current, with panels to set from time to time the supply: modern and safe equipments, complete with every element for the control and supervision, in a real time, of production rhythms .


Automation Switchboards

Switchboards and electrical systems for the automation of one or more phases of the industrial production, intended for innumerable productive sectors: such equipment, developed by the technical department, constitute the best currently present on the market, due to an high efficiency and competitiveness.


Motor Control Boards

Motor control boards, systems and components for industrial production, complete with advanced systems for planning and controlling: the latest generation equipment, safe and up to standard, which guarantees excellent performance.


Distribution Switchboards

Switchboards for the distribution and the electrical energy sorting, are designed in such a way as to ensure a perfect continuity and in order to minimize risk of faults and interruptions in the working rhythm and, accordingly, any damage to individual products.


Field equipment installations

Electrical, instrumental and processing equipments at the service of original and innovative automation lines, are designed specifically on the basis of individual plant requirements: such equipments, developed by technical experts and professionals, aim to increase speed and efficiency in the production, favouring profits increase.


Supervision Systems (SCADA)

Integrated telecommunications systems, distributed on all elements of the plant, which allow full supervision and complete all work phases: through prompt detection of any errors, you can have total control of the plant, and avoid accidents or breakdowns.


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