The company nowadays:

RGM Impianti belongs to the prestigious company named GIEI LTD, one of the most known and well established in a national and international contest, synonymous with quality and professionalism for over 40 years. The company is now considered a true reference point for the development of efficient and advanced electrical solutions, which perfectly reflect safety regulations ; also the company is involved in developing solutions related to steel pipe finishing processes and to the world of motion platforms and motion simulation technology.

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The Brand:

RGM Impianti business is focused on the design of complete industrial electrical solutions and efficient control systems, such as electrical substations and switchboards and on developing of all kinds of equipments for power supply and motor control: the objective is to provide an high level of service, increasing performance and productivity. Today the brand and its facilities enjoyed an high approval, and are considered the top in various sectors (food, steel, construction, mechanical, etc.). Despite the fame all over the Italian nation, the reality remains deeply tied to the territory of reference.


Our plus:

RGM Impianti offers many advantages to its clients: first of all, its great versatility, since the manufacturer is able to operate in very different fields , while maintaining excellent results and high quality levels. RGM Impianti offers ad hoc systems and solutions, always aiming to satisfy each customer’s need, through the development of strategies improving the performance of any business. The staff composed by the most qualified technicians, guarantees full assistance during all stages of the process, and is ready to competently answer, always on time , to any questions or requests thanks to the continuous professional and technological updating; in addition, the company is always able to respond to new market needs, with tailored products and services.

  • Industrial solutions
  • industrial electrical plants
  • distribution swithboards
  • industrial automation

Certification ISO 9001

RGM Impianti has been certified with ISO 9001, which ensures consistency with high standards quality products: the company’s entire system aims at ensuring the full satisfaction of customer needs, through a fruitful cohoperation, a careful analysis of each request and a selection of production targets, to be achieved and overcome. RGM Impianti offers impeccable experience, providing full assistance during the design and development phases, and leaving ample space for any customer’s choice: thanks to its strong versatility, the brand has created industrial electrical solutions and control systems for national and world famous companies and brands, getting a wide recognition for excellence and transparency of its services.

RGM Impianti reached the
SOA attestation category OG 10 , class II – OS 30

The SOA certification is mandatory for participation in tenders for the execution of public works contracts; it is a document necessary and sufficient to prove, in the tender, if the company is able directly or subcontracting, to execute public works whose starting price is superior to
€ 516,000; it certifies and guarantees the ownership by the company of the construction sector of all requirements by current laws in the field of Public Work Contracts .

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