Water & air treatment

Water → RGM Impianti has developed a series of industrial equipment for water purification field: electrical systems , control and automation boards make possible to supervise, step by step, all stages of production and processing. RGM Impianti for several years, has been designing and manufacturing supervision systems (SCADA) and other control devices via telecommunications, to facilitate control in a real time of each area of the plant, thus limiting the risk of contamination, failures and other accidents.


RGM Impianti also produces substations MV/LV, equipped with all the elements for the distribution and modulation of electricity: the result is a safe and healthy work environment, all is developed according to regulation in force.

Air → RGM Impianti also apply on the water and air treatment sector: refrigeration equipment, air compression, etc. Once again, the engineering department within this company is able to develop taylormade equipments, matching the customer’s needs: field equipments installation, control boards, supervision systems (SCADA), motor control boards with fixed panels or drawers, and much more.