Livestock industry

RGM Impianti turns to companies and manufacturers belonging to various sectors, including the livestock one which, along with the food, needs special care for the treatment of raw materials and compliance with safety standards rules.

Industrial proposals from RGM Impianti are technologically efficient and functional and guarantee the welfare of the animal pointing to the defense of the environment and working conditions, promoting mental and physical health of the operators and reducing the risk of substances contamination.


RGM Impianti creates electrical industrial installations, electrical panels, control and automation switchboards: a wide choice of equipments for modulating, sorting, transporting and converting energy, which enable to supply any type and size systems.

RGM Impianti uses the most innovative technologies and highly professional technical staff , and is able to make changes, upgrades to existing equipment in the structure also increasing their production rates: every element is designed with the utmost care in order to limit costs and wastage and, at the same time,to optimize the performance of the entire plant.