Steel industry

RGM Impianti offers personalized and effective industrial solutions for the steel sector: metal Processing, needs special equipments that can tolerate high temperatures, heavy loads and not very easy conditions; this is what you need a serious and competent partner to rely on, able to propose most appropriate products and quickly resolve any problem.


Thanks to the experience of its staff, RGM Impianti is able to analyze the client’s needs and to make a valuable aid to the achievement of production goals, taking care of the development and supply of Electrical power , control and automation boards , systems for the supervision of products and of the processing steps, and also telecommunication systems, such as the so-called supervision system (SCADA). The plants designed by RGM Impianti cover all production facets : from supply power to engines , to electricity regulation and distribution, up to automation and planning of operations, with real-time checks on individual finished products .

Products are intended to foundries, mechanical and automotive industry, steel mills and to all those industries specialized in the production of laminates, tubes, beams, cables, etc.
The equipment supplied by RGM Impianti ensure total compliance with the regulations on safety, and ensure a considerable limitation of emissions and waste: the brand takes care of every phase of the development and installation with care and dedication, providing valuable help in the development of the structure, thanks to the revamping of existing facilities, replacement and improvement of less functional parts.