Food industry

RGM Impianti offers customized industrial solutions for a wide range of sectors: food industry, currently holds a strong importance, especially on the Italian territory, due to the large number of companies and specialized brands. Industrial installations in the food industry must meet a long list of safety standards to process ingredients; this is an extremely sensitive area, which offers ample space for the design of equipments and machinery for electrical energy management, for supervision and control.


RGM Impianti always careful to market needs, for many years, has been developing and manufacturing electrical substations and equipments, control boards and automation switchboards, supervision systems (SCADA) and other devices which make possible the increase in production rates and the achievement of objectives.

Industrial electric installations designed by RGM Impianti are the top at a national and international level, as they are complete with every element for the management, distribution and supply of electricity modulation in total security, IT facilities and telecommunications for the panels and interfaces used in the programming of the automated components quality control process. . RGM systems deals with all stages of the process: from concept to realization of the products, to after-sales and to revamping of existing plants, with modifications tailored to the improvement and modernization of the structures put in place by experienced and qualified people, undergone to regular professional development.