Infrastructure and costruction industry

RGM Impianti operates in various industrial sectors: food and livestock, steel, gas & energy, and also in the infrastructure and construction, a field widening spread throughout the national territory, including the area of Cremona and Province . RGM Impianti offers totally original industrial solutions, developed on the basis of a careful analysis of customer needs: industrial equipments, tailored electrical switchboards, complete with every element of the supply, distribution and voltage regulation; they also include supervision, control and automation products through automation and supervision systems frameworks (SCADA).


RGM Impianti staff is able to make the total improvement of the plant, taking care of all the components: equipment, telecommunication systems, panels and digital interfaces, electrical and processing substations, and much more.

The brand is also specialized in the construction of crematory ovens and in the design of equipment for crematoriums. The technology used by the brand always maintains high quality standards dictated by the corporate philosophy. Our systems guarantee low costs, but with the best performance, compared with an engineering study and a targeted design. The proposed solutions are always tailored to ensure customer satisfaction. The facilities for crematory ovens are those of last generation and ensure low consumption, environmental impacts that comply with current regulations.

RGM Impianti experience has made the brand a veritable point of reference for those areas considered “at risk” as the treatment of powders, liquids and gases, as the handling and processing of building materials and metals.

RGM Impianti offers everything you need to get high quality products, minimizing the risk of accidents and contamination; nowadays in fact a consistent series of collaborations with companies located throughout the country are in place, and the brand is able to ensure the full assistance , not only during the development of new plant and equipments, but also after installation and sales, thanks to a team of qualified technicians.