Energia, oil & gas

Energy → RGM Impianti offers industrial electrical installations and control and automation switchboards for the energy sector: operation centers, manufacturers and distributors of electricity can benefit from the wide range of equipment and tools provided by this reality located in Cremona , considered a point of reference for the high-level of industrial supplies also regarding the cogeneration process or rather the simultaneous production of mechanical energy (usually converted into electrical energy) and heat.


An engineering team, within the company, deals, in fact, the design and construction of the plants, developed in a taylor made way to optimally respond to the client’s needs : each element is subjected to a careful examination to ensure maximum security and a significant reduction of waste.
Oil → Supplies developed by RGM Impianti , are also directed to those companies specialized in the production, distribution and processing of oil and its derivatives, such as pipelines and refineries. The extraordinary experience of RGM Impianti engineering staff has enabled the development of industrial electrical installations, power centers and automation switchboards, supervision systems (SCADA), aimed at improving the working conditions and the safety of establishments .

Gas → RGM Impianti has developed electrical substations, motor control and automation boards, and other highly specialized machinery, specifically dedicated to industries operating in the production and distribution of gas, such as pipelines. The equipment smade are the top for efficiency and safety.