RGM Impianti has been able to diversify its offer, designing industrial electrical systems, automation panels and motor control boards for various productive sectors thanks to its proven experience and absolute professionalism of its staff; the team is able to answer to each need with personalized and effective strategies as well as providing customized industrial solutions to solve every problem.

RGM Impianti offers support and supervision services, developing the latest technology, making use of the most modern technologies; the objective is to improve the production performance, ensuring the full correspondence of results against objectives fixed in the preliminary stages, all in accordance to the safety rules.

Food industry

Electrical, instrumental and processing automation lines, control boards and automation systems dedicated to the food industry, today considered one of the fastest growing field in the country: RGM Impianti offers advanced, efficient and safe equipments, complete with every element to enhance and refine production rates.


Livestock industry

Tools and plants at the latest technology, dedicated to the livestock sector, which ensure compliance with the regulations on safety and animal welfare: the products developed, step by step, are based on the client’s needs, after careful analysis phase.


Steel industry

Efficient plants, also for medium companies and large factories, complete with all the equipments for the control and the real-time supervision of every stage of production: RGM Impianti provides full support for the development of effective strategies, in order to improve company quality standards.


Infrastructure and costruction industry

Power and control tools, electrical substations, field equipments installation, and other new-generation equipments for the infrastructure and construction sector: every element is designed with care and attention by qualified technicians.


Energy, oil and gas

Various types of installations for the handling, treatment, production and extraction of gas and energy: control instruments designed up to the smallest detail, dedicated to the automation and supervision systems, and a timely and effective customer service at every stage.


Water and air treatment

Power plants, control and automation switchboards , industrial equipments and solutions for the processing industry and the air and water purification: innovative and customized tools, completely safe and certified according to the standards in force.


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