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RGM Impianti is a division of GIEI Ltd

Rgm Impianti is a division of GIEI Ltd RGM Impianti is a division of GIEI Ltd company, which designs and produces automation and control boards, electrical and supervision systems (SCADA) and other customized solutions for each industrial sector. Thanks to its proven experience, constant technological updating and to the great attention of new market demands, RGM Impianti is able to develop innovative and effective projects, aimed at improving the quality and the efficiency of production lines, with a focus on the environment: competence, versatility and reliability are the main strengths of this brilliant Italian reality , considered today a reference point at a national level.

All the solutions are designed both from the electrical than the software point of view and are realized by RGM Impianti; they are intended for a wide range of industrial sectors (food, livestock, steel, infrastructure and construction, energy and gas, automotive, mechanical, and so on), and currently they are appreciated at a national and international level, thanks to their efficiency and quality. RGM Impianti solutions, in fact, are specifically developed according to each client’s need and requirement, showing up to the best expectations, as to ensure full achievement of production targets, according with the safety regulations and energy saving.


“Our long-term Vision is a total satisfaction of our customers , as well as also the pursuit of market needs through continuous innovation and quality improvement.

We combine experience and passion to competitiveness and Team Spirit basing our relationships on these values ​​, whether it’s a relationship with Customers, Suppliers or Employees. On these latter in particular, is based the Vision of my company: their commitment, proactivity, a daily passion together with great technical and professional skills, are decisive factors for achieving our customers satisfaction in Italy and in the world.

The challenge we aim to, is not only concerned upon objectives of growth and improvement of business indicators but also upon a great attention to the Team, to the improvement of general skills and organization, becoming thus the ideal partner for all our customers, in the present and in the future.

That’s why we are able to offer integrated solutions to the customer service.”

Ing. Giovanni Guarneri


RGM Impianti hold on an entire engineering department specialized in the design from an electrical and software point of view to the development and distribution of industrial electrical systems: electrical distribution substations, control and automation switchboards, monitoring systems ( SCADA) and other customized equipments , on the basis of specific requests . Within this department the best qualified technicians operate together , being able to carry out the modernization and revamping of existing plants and equipments, ensuring full support to the final customer.


Power centers and Substations

Cabins for processing, operating energy transmission and regulation, designed to efficiently direct energy to electrical systems and feed industrial production plants .

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Automation switchboards

Electrical panels and automation switchboards for industrial and manufacturing plants of all kinds, designed on the basis of customer specific needs , with advanced equipments and according to law.

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Motor Control Boards

Electrical switchboards and tailored automation systems for engines controlling and powering inside industrial productions, according to the client’s needs, equipped with the most modern technology.Details »

Distribution Switchboards

Power distribution and modulation switchboards used for feeding systems, engines and other utilities, developed by our qualified technicians, in accordance with customers.Details  »

Fields equipments installation

Design and production of electrical cabling and field instruments cabling in various branches (automotive, chemical, food, steel, etc.), in particular areas classified as ATEX, gas and dust.Details  »

SCADA systems

Design and development of supervision systems in manufacturing plants and process plants; equipments dedicated to the environmental control and to the supervision of physical facilities for industrial production (sensors, communication systems, microcontrollers, etc.).Details  »

Expertise Areas

RGM Impianti has been able to diversify its offer, designing industrial electrical solutions, automation and motor control boards for various productive sectors ; thanks to its proven experience and absolute professionalism of its staff, the team is able to answer to each need with personalized and effective strategies as well as providing industrial solutions to solve each kind of problem.

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